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Women in resistance – Hannie, Truus, Freddie

They were friends from Haarlem. Truus was 16, her sister Freddie 14 and Hannie 19 years old when the second world war broke out. Peter Hammann wrote a book about Hannie Schaft and spoke about the real historical facts. The exhibition, Women in resistance – Hannie, Truus, Freddie is based on the book and shows the stories of resistance through their eyes. It is the first time an exhibition has featured all three women. Drawings from Eric Coolen who is also the illustrator of the book make the exhibition more accessible for young people.

Truus, Freddie and Hannie joined the resistance because they believed in a common cause which was worth fighting for. Today’s youth can barely identify themselves with this situation, where is the need for them to fight for something nowadays? However in these stirring times more youth, from countries experiencing war, came to the Netherlands after needing to fight or flee or do both. What choices did Hannie, Truus and Freddie have during the war and can we compare these to current situations, such as refugees fleeing their war-torn homelands as well as discrimination, intolerance and unrest? We mostly ask young visitors questions like: How idealistic are you? What are you prepared to do for your country?
Attention is also paid to the fact that Freddie is the sole survivor living as Truus passed away in June 2016.

Educational program
The exhibition takes place in the time where the Netherlands commemorates the second world war. Within schools a lot of attention is brought to this subject. A lot of room is given to the educational aspects. There are a lot of assignment briefs for different age groups and the story of the three friends fit into the age groups of students.

During the exhibition different activities will be organised:
- Readings: - There are multiple readings by the author Peter Hammann about his book “Hannie’’
- Readings about Truus Menger-Oversteegen on the 18th of June 2017, during her first remembrance year; a remembrance and reading about Hannie on her birthday, 16th of September; diverse readings about world war 2 in collaboration with Vezetsmuseum Haarlem and Stichting Hannie Schaft
- Remebrance mornings for the elderly: The stories are saved for their own archives and can be found on the website Oneindig Noord-Holland.
- City walks: - For adults in collaboration with Gildewandelaars. - For children there are city walks through the story of Hannie and Truus.
- Guided tours and workshops for children in the holidays

More information about the activities will be published soon on the website.

Look here for the video about the exhibition.