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Museum Haarlem is working on a new permanent exhibition that will highlight the history of Haarlem and the Zuid-Kennemerland region. The entire first floor of the museum will be home to this new project with an expected completion at the end of 2018.

A Significant Project for Haarlem
This project is important for the city for three main reasons:
1. Haarlem’s rich history deserves a public historical platform.
2. The city’s historical collection, currently stored in depots, will become visible for all Haarlemers and visitors.
3. Primary- and secondary school students will be able to learn about and access the history of their city and its surroundings.

A City of Migrants and Pioneers
The influence of Flemish, German, Italian and other migrants in Haarlem will be on display. Which products, knowledge and inventions did they bring with them? And what was Haarlem best known for, besides its excellent beer, bleaching fields, flower bulbs and award-winning athletes?

Become a part of Haarlem’s history – donate now!
The museum will begin renovations this year to renew and expand its permanent exhibition. Your financial support is greatly appreciated to help us reach our goal!