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Groot Heiligland 47 2011 EP  Haarlem 023-542 24 27

For children


Celebrate your birthday with an exciting walk through the city, and discover three of Haarlem’s stories. Is there really an underground in the city? Did the Haarlem people really liberate crusader Damiate and did Laurens Jansz Coster invent book printing art? Find out yourself what is true about this legend! Use your own smartphone download the app of the foundation of Heritage Haarlem.  
Go to for more information. If you are between the age of 10 and 13 you can join the programme with max 15 friends. What you do need is four or five smartphones to see the questions and assignments. Choose from three different city walks what you’re going to do together. The cost of this app is €75, payable to the foundation of Heritage Haarlem. The birthday parties are available each day of the week except Monday because not all museums are open then. Walks in the city are also possible for students with the age of 11 to 14 years.


Museum Haarlem is the museum for young and old that tells the history of Haarlem. At every exhibition there is a Smarten Up with questions and assignments where children get deeper insights into the exhibition they visit.


Boooooring? No way! Haarlem is one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands. At museum Haarlem you will discover the history of the city in a jiffy. Watch the introduction clip in the movie hall and get to know the major events in the city’s history in 10 minutes and learn about the city’s key protagonists; world famous plane builder and daredevil Anthony Fokker, Kenau the medieval hero, Lautje the bigmouthed inventor of bookprint art (that’s what they say, although it may not be true) and other colourful people of Haarlem. In the city exhibition on the first floor you will find different objects, photographs and paintings that give a wonderful view of Haarlem in the time of your (great) grandparents.


Back in the day, children were not always able to live at home. And those who couldn’t stay at home mostly went to an orphanage. That was many times the only option. But things were a lot different then. In museum Haarlem, there’s a real orphanage room exhibit. With the help of Smarten Up, young people can discover how orphans lived not that long ago. It could have been your grandmother. Take your camera with you, because there is also an exciting dressing-up box with clothes from those days. So dree up and take some snaps!


There can be special arrangements for schools with activities under supervision of the museum’s education team. For groups of 25 children we host trips. The costs are €30 per group. The museum organises regular children’s workshops that are announced on the website. Also we run birthday parties for children (minimum of 5 persons). For more information and reservations you can contact the activity commission, phone number : +31 23 542 24 27 or by Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.